Mabawa Red Feather Earrings - Kenya

By Kapoeta

  • £49.00


Beautiful red feather earrings sourced sustainably 

Brown Leather, Brass Beads, Guinea Fowl and Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers

Length: 4"

Clean gently using warm water and soap, and dry using a cool-warm setting with a hair dryer whilst gently stroking the feather in its natural direction. 

Eco-friendly and Trade not Aid 


All materials are ethically sourced from local entrepreneurs and individuals with the aim of empowering and supporting the local community and environment. 

My Story

Our brand partner works closely with the local fly-tying community in Kenya where she collects off-cuts and up-cycles beautiful feathers. All designs are hand-crafted to combine elegance, beauty and extravagance.  

Made with love in Kenya

For health and safety reasons, earrings cannot be refunded or exchanged

Due to the handcrafted nature, each item varies slightly 

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