Our ESEM Ethics

At Ethical Stories Ethical Me we want to create positive change through the ethics that our products represent. Join us by learning about our values, and sharing your ethical style and stories by tagging #ESEMTribe 



"Ethics" means different things to different people with a whole host of sometimes confusing terms. Our focus is on the ethics that promote impact fashion. Here at ESEM, we define our ethical values as:

  • Organic

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    Chemical and pesticide free products. Where cotton and other raw materials have been used, they have not been genetically modified or synthetically enhanced.

  • Eco friendly

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    Products that do not harm the environment - be it by promoting green practices such as recycling, upcycling or not contributing to land, earth or air pollution.

  • Fairtrade

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    Fair prices are paid to the producers of goods in developing countries. Certification ensures that workers's rights are protected through high safety and welfare standards.

  • Vegan

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    Animal-free products that promote the philosophy that excludes all forms of exploitation or harm of animals. This includes for dietary or fashion reasons.

  • Cruelty free

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    Whilst Vegan means that a product has not been made from animals, cruelty free focuses on animal-free testing of a product and the ingredients within it.

  • Empower Women

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    Supporting women in the workforce rehabilitates those who have suffered from abuse, trafficking or poverty. Upskilling women has a proven positive impact on entire communities.

  • Made in Britain

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    Products sourced and manufactured in the UK, drawing on British values, skills and ethical standards. Less transport through the supply chain also reduces the carbon footprint.

  • Trade not Aid

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    Enables and promotes economic development through trade rather than direct foreign aid (i.e. a charitable donation). This is often through up-skilling local populations.



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