Top 3 Ethical Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Top 3 Ethical Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas


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With less than a week left until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get your skates on if you’re looking to plan something special! 

We aren’t particular fans of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day of chocolate boxes, or set menus at every restaurant you look at. So in the spirit of helping you with some more interesting (and of course eco) ideas, here are some of our favourite ideas…


  1. Date Night at Londrino’s brand new bar a.k.a Wine it For Me

 Londrino is one of London’s hottest new openings. Headed up by Leandro Carreira, the food is guaranteed to be delicious. But it’s thanks to Sommelier Cameron Dewar and his team at the bar that you’ll have one of the best choices of Spanish & Portuguese wines. If you’re keen to try some organic wines, you’ll be in great hands at Londrino’s bar – just let them know and trust their fab suggestions!



  1. Date Day at a Terrarium class a.k.a. The Terrarium Temptress 

Terrariums are all the rave this year. There are workshops popping up all over the place and if you and your beau are looking to make your home a little more green, this one could be for you. Build your own mini garden in a jar, and watch the self-sustainable eco-system blossom whilst your relationship does too (it wouldn’t be V-Day if we weren’t corny!)



  1. A sustainable lingerie treat a.k.a Sexually Sustainable 

Our top pick for some sustainable lingerie goes to Sonata London and Luva Huva. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your other half, you know you’ll feel special in their beautifully detailed pieces whilst keeping your moral conscience in check too with their eco materials and labour practices!



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