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Three Great Sustainable Christmas Gifts for a Gadget-Lover

Three Great Sustainable Christmas Gifts for a Gadget-Lover

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What do you get your friend or family member that loves a home gadget? You want something that'll they'll love, but is also sustainable. Here are our tips (on the basis that fashion isn't their thing, because obviously you should buy an Ethical Stories Ethical Me number if it is...!)


1. Gift under £30

Who's the reliable friend in your group to always bring the speaker to a house party, bridal shower, girls' holiday etc etc? Well, this is what they need! House of Marley has introduced a bluetooth speaker which is made entirely out of sustainable materials, making it recyclable. Need something even better? For every sale, House of Marley replants one tree. 


2. Gift under £50

Your Dad loves his Nespresso machine but it drives you mad every time you see another few non-compostable, non-recyclable, very-un-eco-friendly coffee capsules in the bin? Introducing, the eco-friendly and compatible coffee pods from Halo. Their curated collection is £37, providing 4 different types of coffee (one per week, 10 capsules in each) including a chocolatey number from Brazil, a nutty one from Kenya, a fruity one from Colombia and a bespoke caramel-y blend from four countries. Dubbed "the future of coffee" by Metro, and the coffee that is "giving George Clooney nightmares" (GQ), you'll be helping your loved one get fashionable and sustainable in one gift. 



3. Gift under £75

For your friend that loves sparkling water but goes through the plastic San Pelligrino bottles like there's no tomorrow, this is the perfect gift. Soda Stream's entry-level pack is reduced to £59 and includes the sparkling water machine, the carbonating cylinder, a 1 litre bottle and 2yr warranty. You can even pick from a range of 7 colours!  




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