First plastic bags, then straws, now sachets... let's get them banned!

First plastic bags, then straws, now sachets... let's get them banned!


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There are new calls for sachets to be included in European legislation and UK law, in the same way as we are making progress to ban other single-use items. 

A coalition of over 50 leaders from various business, political allegiances and campaigns have come together to demand that plastic sachets are outlawed alongside plastic straws and cotton buds. This goes from everything from ketchup, to sugar, to face mask samples.

This week, it was published that 855bn sachets are used every year globally - many of which haven't even been opened or used. Compare that to the estimated 186bn straws that we were trying to ban in 2018. Perhaps it's so much higher because it crosses over from food, through to the tea/coffee industry, all the way to beauty with sample creams from almost every skincare brand.

A Plastic Planet's co-founder, Sian Sutherland, is leading the campaign through a formal letter which has gained public support from the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for the Ocean, Peter Thompson, and business leaders including Iceland Foods' MD, Richard Walker, Time Out's CEO Julio Bruno, and Jonathon Porritt. Sian argues that the plastic sachet somehow slipped through the net and has become invisible to all of us who are addicted to the convenience lifestyle. 

To end on a positive note.... Unilever and Just Eat have recently announced a collaboration to try Hellmann's sauces in seaweed-based sachets. A sustainable, seaweed sachet is definitely something we could get on board with! 


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